Anti-Spam 11.4

Exchange 2013 and 2010 anti-spam with global email traffic analysis

Use global email traffic-analysis on Exchange 2013, 2010 and 2007, not word-filtering, to stop spam: because legitimate mail won't be near identical to millions of others worldwide - but spam will. The Recurrent Pattern Detection engine (RPD) is from Commtouch, who have Google, Microsoft, HP and Fujitsu as clients - and over 20 years' experience. Even if genuine mail uses common spam phrases, like 'buy now', or lacks data that a spam email might, like a subject or message body, it won't be blocked.

Real-time protection means that, even at the moment a new spam technique arises, your inbox stays protected and our anti-spam remains as accurate as ever. Scan all languages, and even images for spam: Exclaimer Anti-spam looks for repetition, not specific words, it can stop spam in any language and any format. You can control all of Exchange's built-in anti-spam capabilities through Exclaimer Anti-spam, without using PowerShell - you access all your defenses in one interface. It auto-whitelists anyone you've emailed. We designed it to be independent, so you don't need to check your spam-filter for missed emails or manually whitelist contacts.

Download, pick your settings, define your needs and you're done: we made installing it as easy as using it - but we can always set it up for you remotely, just ask. Try Exclaimer Anti-spam free for 30 days on your Exchange 2013, 2010 or 2007 server - and get free support while you do.

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